Wellbeing Navigator

Get access to all the Wellbeing options that Steelcase Offers



Personal Training

I can help build and lead you through exercise programs and help correct muscular dysfunction that can help improve joint health.

Massage Therapy

Free 15 Minute Clinical Massage by referral or $1 per minute Self Paid Options

Yoga Therapy

Personalize your wellbeing and go deeper with a trained yoga therapist.

Employee Support

ENCOMPASS provides Free focused support to employees and their family membersĀ for a variety of issues that may interfere with work or life satisfaction and productivity.

Financial Classes

Real People with real advice: Empower, MetLife, Wage Works

Registered Dietitian

Get some advice on any dietary concerns that you or your family have


Get fit at work and sign up for a Yoga class or individual sessions

Who are these services for:

All the above free services are for Steelcase employees. Allegro Couching and the Massage Therapists have options for paid services for Contractors.